Credit Check change in VA02

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Credit Check change in VA02

Post by nagaret01 » Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:24 am

Dear All,

Incident Summary
cash in advance customer, so all orders are meant to be automatically blocked when proceeding to delivery. Order no 107383 was not blocked for some reason

1. VA03 Change log for order 107383
there is 2 lines appearing

A) 2017/06/13 Overall status of credit checks changed
B) 2017/06/13 Status of static credit limit check changed

2. If I click on each of that change log to see details
Table / Field / Name / tcode / date / time
A) VBUK CMGST UserID VA02 13.06.2017 21:10:31
B) VBUK CMPSA UserID VA02 13.06.2017 21:10:31

3. It seems like the UserID has made a change of credit checks status via VA02.

I am not sure how to release the credit check via VA02. I think only way to release credit check is VKM3.
Anyone has seen this before? Is it possible to change through VA02?

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