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Automatic sales order costing for make to order item

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:26 pm
by subodhd
We are on ECC6.
We use make to order item in the sales orders. (with sales BOM and variant configuration etc).
Since the order item is relevant for costing (CO costing), we currently have to manually select each line in the sales order and carry out sales order costing (the calculator icon button seen under the conditions tab) and then run the full CO costing for each item and then mark the price etc, which then copies the costed dollars into the cost condition type EK02 for each item and then we have to save the document.

We need to do this sales order costing for every make to order item in the sales order, before saving the order. This is required as the system won't let us create the delivery for the order unless the sales order costing has been completed for that item.

My question is - is there any setting somewhere either in SD / CO/ PP module, whereby we won't need to carry out the sales order costing manually line by line, but instead at the time of saving the sales order, it would carry out the sales order costing in the background, thereby freeing up the time of the user creating the sales order.