Sales Order Item Status not getting completed

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Sales Order Item Status not getting completed

Post by subodhd » Fri Feb 03, 2017 5:54 am

Just checking if anyone has found this problem in the sales orders.
We are on ECC6 .
For those sales order items (e.g. Service type of items ) that are not relevant for delivery , but relevant for billing -
In case we have posted an invoice and subsequently cancelled the invoice altogether, and then later realise that the order itself was created by mistake and want to cancel the order -
We can't delete the order item since the document flow history exists , which is fine.
At this stage, the order item status shows as "open" which is fine.
But now if we want to put the reason for rejection for the item ( so as to close the order), we can do it, however when we run the open order report VA05, the rejected line item still shows up as open item .

Is there anything we can do so that after rejecting the item, it will not appear in the open order report ?
As of now the open order report is showing up thousands of items which should not be shown , since they are all rejected items .

Is this a known issue ? If so , is there an OSS note for it / correction report that will update the status of the item from "Open" to "Complete "
Or could it be that some config is missing ?


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Re: Sales Order Item Status not getting completed

Post by helfaya » Wed Mar 15, 2017 3:37 am

you make goods receipt or issue for this item ?

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