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How to derive ship docno (VBELN) in USEREXIT_PRICINING_COPY

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How to derive ship docno (VBELN) in USEREXIT_PRICINING_COPY

Post by gopalbaliga » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:28 pm

Hi Experts

I have a requirement where in I have to replace condition type.

Therefore I have written my custom code in the tcode VF01 userexit USEREXIT_PRICING_COPY.

This is in include RV61AFZA. Also this is in SAP ECC.

My logic should work for shipment document where departure country is india and document type = XXX.

In order to get the document type I need to get the shipment document number (VBELN).

How to derive the shipment document number. The form has access to KONV. But this has only pricing info.

Kindly advice how can get the shipment doc number in this user exit form.



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