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Inter-company Delivery scenario

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Inter-company Delivery scenario

Postby teaps » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:17 am

Hi All, I have a business requirement where the sales order is placed in one country but materials are procured from plant which is in another country. Meaning thereby, materials will be moved from plant which is in different country to the warehouse which belongs to country where the sales order is placed. And then the goods will be dispatched from that ware house to their customers. Example - sales order placed for country A (Co.Code A, Sales Org A). Materials are procured from plant (country B, Co.Code B, Sales Org B). After receiving the goods in country A (plant A, Co.Code A, Sales Org A), goods are dispatched to the customers in country A. Important point is materials need to be received in Plant A first before they are dispatched to customers. Sales order will be booked for Sales org A, ship to PF will be customer in country A and plant entered in sales order will be country B.
Can you please tell the sales process flow for the above requirement.

Many thanks in advance
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Re: Inter-company Delivery scenario

Postby Frank Lai » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:30 pm


Don't visit this website as much anymore so the response maybe too late for you. Anyway, if you must have everything you stated, the short answer is no SAP does not do thing like that. Standard SAP intecompany scenario is like this

- customer in country A places order with sales org in country A. You can specific that it is to be ship from plant in B ( if you have your configuration for plant to sales org assignment done correctly that is).
So far it is as you stated
- Plant B ships product to customer in country A. There is no receiving into plant B and then ship out that you wanted
- sales org A bills customer
- company B bills company A using intercompany billing

See if you can use the process stated above for your situation.

If you must literally have everything exactly as you stated then you will have to implement a two step process. Something like this:

- Customer places order with Sales org A. Plant specified is A.
- Intercompany STO is created to procure material from plant B
- Plant B issue goods
- Plant A receive goods into its inventory
- Plant A then delivery goods to customer
- Sales Org/Company code A bills customer
- Plant B bills company code A via intercompany billing

Depending on your specific situation, you may want to consider using item category TAB for your sales order from Sales org A/Plant A. with the proper config and data, you should be able to trigger a P req from Plant B which in turn can be turned into a STO.

Hope that helps

Frank Lai
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