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Shipment Cost Estimate copy to Shipment Cost doc

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:25 am
by leewxm
I am confused about how a "spot price" for a Shipment can be passed to a shipment cost document.

e.g. We decide to use a certain transport company because they have quoted 500Euros for the trip and we are happy with this quote. Can we enter that price in the shipment and it get automatically copied to the Shipment Cost document? Or is the only option to:-
(i) maintain a separate condition record valid for a short period of time so this is picked up in Shipment Costing
(ii) enter the price manually in shipment cost document .. (but this is generally created some days later after Shipment Completion stage)

We would really like to enter the price in the shipment? .. or similar solution?