Header Division over right Item Division result wrong SIS

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Header Division over right Item Division result wrong SIS

Post by 3890198 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:32 am

Dear Gurus,

I have below 5 sales area, with five materials, each material for individual division.

from local order document type customer can by all the divisions material, so while creating the sales order system give a popup message to ask which sales area you needed so user choose lets say 1000+10+10, and after this enter all five different material at the line item level.

If we double click on the item item shows the correct division, lets say item 10 division 10, item 20 division 20, item 30 division 30, item 40 division 40, item 50 division 50.

But what happen when we create the billing document on every line item system have the sales area which we select for the sales order header. means all the line item have the below sales area.

item 10: 1000+10+10
item 20: 1000+10+10
item 30: 1000+10+10
item 40: 1000+10+10
item 50: 1000+10+10

which cause the wrong SIS reports like MC+E, give the wrong data on the division basis.

Please suggest the solution, it cant possible to have multiple sales order for multiple divisions product.

Looking of the gurus feedback.


imran khan

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Re: Header Division over right Item Division result wrong SIS

Post by Sharpshooter » Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:37 am

Check the update rules for the affected infostructures in MC25. Map the characteristic for division to use MCVBAP-SPART instead of MCVBAK-SPART.
Good luck!

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