VL02N Serial Number vc IQ09

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VL02N Serial Number vc IQ09

Post by nagaret01 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:04 pm

Incident Summary
Finding Serial Number through VL02N does not give same result as IQ09

1. VL02N fill in the DO number
2. Click at the Line Item which has Batch [Batch Split Indicator]to assign serial number
3. You are at the [Batch Structure for Item] screen
choose [extras] > [Serial numbers]
4. You will get a pop up screen [Maintain Serial Numbers] click on [select serial number] button
5. This will take you to [Display Material Serial Number:Serial Number Selection] screen
With [material] field, [Period] and [Batch] field filled in from Delivery Order
6. Click on [execute] , this message appear "no objects were selected"

but with the similar [material] field, [Period] and [Batch] field values put into IQ09 (which is the similar screen as in Step 5) I get values
Material A
4 Serial Numbers
System Status = ESTO
Special Stock Indicator = E

Question : Why through VL02N we cannot get this serial numbers appearing.
Status ESTO-material at stores

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Re: VL02N Serial Number vc IQ09

Post by nagaret01 » Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:40 am

Tried to add serial number through VL02N but no serial number found.
But serial number exist when execute using same selection in IQ09

DO 80789253
Material L008D000201BCA
Batch : 0000185030


When you try to assign serial number through Delivery, system understands that you trying to assign the serial number into Delivery for using it.
If serial number is not available system will not propose you the serial number.
For the data combination above, the system prompt you “No objects were selected” this is because there are no serial number to assign for that delivery

IQ09 gives you a list of Serial number for the selection combination that you key in.
For the above data selection, system gives you 4 serial number, please see print screen below.
If you see the field [Sales Order] there is value 329470.
All 4 serial numbers has been used for Sales order 329470.

That is why when you try to assign serial number through VL02N system prompts you no object available.
While IQ09 is just giving you a report for the serial number attached to the Material/Batch combination

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