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Auto pick/pack/goods issue for SD delivery (Without WM)

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Auto pick/pack/goods issue for SD delivery (Without WM)

Postby subodhd » Sat May 16, 2015 8:33 pm

We are on ECC6 and do not use WM.

We have a business situation where we need to complete the order to invoicing cycle of transactions in SAP as a matter of formality (ie the goods have already been sold/ despatched and invoiced by a third party to the end customer). The third party sends us an invoice file and based on which we need to automate the completion of all transactions.
So the sales orders are auto created based on the input file via idoc processing etc.
Then we will run the delivery due list creation as background job (VL10G) that will create deliveries.

We could have made the delivery item category as not relevant for picking and packing easily via config (but that is not allowed due to the global template is not to be disturbed), hence we need to automate the process of delivery picking and packing as logical/ as "after the fact" steps in SAP to complete the cycle. So we have to work with delivery item category that is relevant for picking and packing, but do it automatically for the full delivery qty.

Any suggestions on simple ways of achieving these steps of delivery creation, auto picking and packing and goods issue for all relevant deliveries using background jobs(these deliveries will have unique logical shipping points for this process in the system) using simple config (and not using any customised abap programs)?

We are ok even if these 4 automation steps mean running 4 separate background/ batch jobs each one with a separate program/ variant.
a) auto delivery creation : VL10G transaction for these unique shipping points involved in this process (use background job with appropriate variant).
b) auto picking of above deliveries: ??? what is the program/ transaction ? (believe EK00 output type is required to be maintained for relevant shipping point), what else is required here? can we maintain a custom ZK00 here so as not to disturb rest of the business processes in SAP).
c) auto packing of above deliveries: ??? Believe we need to maintain POP1 (packing instruction master) and POF1 (packing instruction determination), but what is the program/ transaction that will need to be run in background to pack all the relevant deliveries?
d) auto post goods issue of above deliveries: VL06O with appropriate variant (deliveries for goods issue work list).
e) auto invoicing/ billing of above deliveries: VF06 with appropriate variant.

Thanks in advance.

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