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LIS - Gross Order, Gross sales, Gross Return

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LIS - Gross Order, Gross sales, Gross Return

Postby 3890198 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:19 am

Dear Gurus,

Above column appear in the LIS standard reports of sales.

can any of my gurus explain it with any example that what is consider in Gross order, and currently value in blank in this column, how can I bring value in this column ???
secondly, my client require that "sale value colum" minus "return value colum" difference comes to gross sales colum value.
can any one guide me that how can I specifically guide this scenario in ht system.
because as per my current staus my gross sales colum are coming blank. addition to this all the subjected mention column coming blank.

looking for the gurus feedback in this regard,
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Re: LIS - Gross Order, Gross sales, Gross Return

Postby YYZ_SAP » Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:47 pm

My first thoughts are: to take a look at your pricing procedures and to determine which subtotal fields are being: 1 till 6.
SAP has a (clear) definition on how which subtotal is being used in SIS.
That might help.
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Re: LIS - Gross Order, Gross sales, Gross Return

Postby Frank Lai » Tue Apr 21, 2015 9:37 am


SAP typically define gross order value as the price before surcharges and discounts are applied. If you have a look at one of their standard pricing procedures you will see that.

When it comes to the key figure gross order on SIS. You control what goes into this key figure by SIS update rule configuration. Run transaction MC26 to display it for the infostructure and update group you are interested in. For example gross order for S001 is configured to take its value from sub total 1.

If you say all the columns you mention are blank, that would indicate that that is a major mismatch being your pricing proccedure and your LIS configuration.

As to having gross value to be net value of orders - returns, I don't think that is really advisable because returns belongs with update group 2, as such it is not part of your gross or net order aggrevation, to subtract it from net order value would simply give wrong data. If your client must have thing his way, I suggest you configure up infostructure along with new key figures to accomodate.

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