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SD - Special Procurement

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SD - Special Procurement

Postby Brahio » Mon Apr 06, 2015 6:16 pm

Hope someone can provide some general advice.

We have a main plant and sales area in the US where we produce products using VC into sales order stock (Slaes org 4100/Plant 4100). We now have a sales office in Europe with sales org 5100 / plant 5100. We have it setup to where in order to create the demand to build in 4100, we have to enter a dummy order in 4100 which moves into sales order stock in 4100. So we also concurrently have a sales order in 5100. We then have to transfer stock to unrestricted in plant 4100 in order to move it on an STO to plant 5100, then it sells, bills, etc... we then have to remember to reject the 4100 sales order.

My question is is there not functionality (special/external procurement) where we can enter the order in 5100 and it generates a planned/prod order in 4100 where once build to stock in 4100, an STO is automatically created to send to 5100 plant....where once received the delivery in 5100 gets created, etc? That is, to avoid us creating a special order in plant 4100 to generate the planned order, etc?

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