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how to create alternate BOM

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how to create alternate BOM

Postby raghupadma14 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:09 am

can anyone plz explain me how to create n use alternate BOM in sap sd
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Re: how to create alternate BOM

Postby prasec » Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:32 am

Alternate BOM in SD is used in case you wanted to have multiple selection of material BOM during sales document creation (either inquiry, quote or sale order - depending of course on the item cat determination config that you'll be applying).


1. Create 1st material BOM in CS01 (material/plant/BOM usage 5) - with the main material and sub-materials
2. Create the 2nd alternate material BOM on the same t-code
3. Create the 3rd
4. Assuming the level that you wanted is only up to 4 then create the last alternate material BOM
5. Create the condition records/prices using you configured condition type (allowed in the pricing procedure that you maintained) for all the materials that you'll be using via t-code VK11
6. Now create the sales document, say a sales order via t-code VA01, use the allowed sales doc type and sales area. After putting the header details, you can now type in as 1st line itm the header material that you did in step 1
7. System will prompt you which BOM to use in the pop-up of the 4 alternate BOMs that you created in steps 1 to 4.
8. After selecting one, then system will assign the condition type that you used in step 5
9. Check for incompletion and if ok save the sales order.
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