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RVV50R10C background job problem

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RVV50R10C background job problem

Postby olatornblom » Tue Feb 17, 2015 4:18 am


We are running delivery creation in the background with the program RVV50R10C, but encountered a problem last week:
The program/job seems to “skip” schedule lines or items in a sales order without any explanation. For example we had 2 items 10 and 20, in a sales order each one of them having 1 unique schedule line with the exact same dates – deliveries were due the day after.

The background job with program RVV50R10C created a delivery for item 10, but not for item 20. Resulting in it was then rescheduled to the day after. Item 20 was just ignored for some reason, at the time of creating the delivery. Everything with the 2 items was the same, no delivery blocks, all the input parameters with regards to “General data” tab and “Sales order” tab in RVV50R10C were identical.
Checked both the job log in SM37 and in V_SA without any logs whatsoever. There is no explanation to why item 20 was simply ignored.

Pls advice if you have any explanation or similar experience.

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