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KUMU on Delivery Freight Conditions (BOM)

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KUMU on Delivery Freight Conditions (BOM)

Postby Brahio » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:44 pm

Hi -
Checking if someone has had some insight on cummulating conditions using KUMU?

We apply freight charges to each item on a delivery note. We have sales BOMs configured in such a way where the top level number is priced and billed, but the lower level components are only delivered. WE have is set in such a way that the costs roll up on the billing document when we bill the one item.

We now want to apply freight to the items on the delivery and have it roll up to the top level on the delivery ( currenly used for confirmation only). So I configured the delivery items to be pricing relevent as as well and trying to use KUMU to roll up the freight charges to the top level material. I am not able to get the rollup.

First, does KUMU (36) conditions work in the delivery as it would in a sales order? Second, any advice on how to place these in the delivery pricing procedure, all the necessary pricing conditions needed, and the necessary config settings for each condition? I've read that you need to create at the item level the values to KUM, but should discount them at 100%?

Appreciate any thoughts.

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