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Pricing and printing requirement

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Pricing and printing requirement

Postby sapnov05 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:07 pm

Hi Folks,

We have a unique pricing and invoicing requirement. We price the customer as a 'set' - e.g. $100 for one set to a customer that will include and agreed set price for 1 big box with 5 small boxes. The price of the such set would be based on 1+5 (varies customer by customer depending on it's composition). If the customer wants 6 small boxes then we price it as $5/extra box. - so a 'set' of 1 big and 6 small would be 100 + 5 (1 extra small box) = 105. This can be achieved by scales in pricing for the small box (1st 5 are free and every thereafter, $5/box).

However, Business wants to print on the invoice as :

Material Quantity Price Value

Set 100

Small box 1 5 5

Total 105

In the order set up, we have big box = 1, small box = 6 so that is what prints on the invoice. so the requirements is really to negotiated print the price of the set plus the incremental items only...

Can anyone please give me any idea how to achieve this? Or even any better way of pricing it that makes printing on the invoice simpler rather than looping into the condition records to find that 'extra' quantity of 1 to print it?
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Re: Pricing and printing requirement

Postby Frank Lai » Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:03 am


BIt unusal your requirement. Anyway, unless I missed somehting. I don't think pricing scale is going to work at all times for you from a pricing stand point. What if the customer orders 2 sets and 1 loose box? I assume that means 11 boxes which should be priced as 2x100 + 1x5 = 205. If your scales is first 5 as free, then you are going to end up with the wrong value at the end.

If the set to box relationship is static in that it does not vary from customer to customer I suggest you use bill of material. If it does vary from customer to customer ( which you seem to indicate in your post) then I think you should look into using free goods with the set at the header and the loose boxes between the component. You will likely need to create condition tables and access sequence to support your requirement ( sound like sold to id will be part of it).

The price you pay is that during order enry, instead of say 6 boxes, you will need to enter two lines. First line saids 1 set which will bring in the free goods of 5 boxes as a sub item. Then you will need to enter a second line to say 1 more box. For this incovenience, your invoice printing becomes much simpler.

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