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Third Party Drop Ship Return - Duplicate Invoices

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Third Party Drop Ship Return - Duplicate Invoices

Postby Brahio » Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:54 pm

Checking if anyone as had dropship invoice duplicate quantities and continue to invoice even after invoice has been completed .

We process our third-party drop-ship return orders through an order type (Similar to an RE) where we are using the item category TASG (Third Party Credit Memo). We process the order that generates the purchase requisitions which we convert to POs (ME57) and ultimately enter the invoice for the PO through MIRO. We would then just run our normal billing run RV60SBAT to generate the invoice (credit memo).

We had an issue last spring whereby after everything was closed out on the PO and the credit on the return, the status was not completing (leaving the status open). This was causing problems with BW and archiving. Our resolution (as we referenced SAP Note 151533 at time) was to change ALL of the past order item Billing Relevance (TVAP-FKREL) from F to B on the TASG item category. This allowed us to run ZZFKREL0 to change the VBAP records and finally allowed us to update the status via SDVBUK00. Normally, all is working OK.

Current Problem
We have found that the invoicing program is duplicating invoices and multiplying the quantities on the order-related invoice creation. This seems to only be occurring in the specific situation where there is an RE invoice created from our dropship order item where the accounting document had not been released (for example if the billing date was in the past, normal vfx3 would find). In this particular case, the unreleased invoices continually create for the order item where the quantities of each subsequent invoice item is multiplied by two. (For example, Invoice 1 – Qty 1, Invoice 2 – Qty 2, Invoice 3- Qty 4, Invoice 5- Qty 8, 16, 32, etc…..).

Has anyone had this issue with drop ship invoicing on the SD side?

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