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Sales order upload (in ERP)

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Sales order upload (in ERP)

Postby rvansprang » Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:33 am


For years my customer service department has been asking for a way to upload sales order line items into the VA01 sales order-entry screen.
Many of our customers submit PO's with huge amount of line items, up to 1,000 lines. Our CS reps need to key in the data line by line (or copy/paste approx 17 lines at once from Excel into the VA01 screen), and we are looking for a way to make this process leaner. One idea we have is that user creates the order header, and then has a way to upload the material numbers and quantities in a separate (newly created Z-transaction) screen. Obviously rules then need to be built that deal with the various pop-up messages related to e.g. ATP, material status, etc.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on how we could achieve this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you,
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Re: Sales order upload (in ERP)

Postby akrason » Tue Apr 22, 2014 6:16 am

We have been using custom-made incoming interface to SAP for almost 2,5 years now.
As far as I know some BAPI is used to run VA01 and the values are read out of a flat (text) file produced out of external (customer) system used by our 3 major customers to create external reservations which we consider as their confirmed purchase orders.
As we do not use ATP in SAP the number of unexpected (and disturbing) messages is limited and most probably, if warning only, ignored by the (specific) programming.
So far we have processed this way 96 thousands of sales order items with an average of 5,2 item per order.
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Re: Sales order upload (in ERP)

Postby Martin_US » Tue Apr 22, 2014 7:07 am

I use a combination of Excel and BDC.
Works almost for anything, but may require a little getting used to and also how complex your SO data is.

You could also use Excel and a Function Call to create the SO.

I have done that the other way around to extract SO data from SAP into Excel.

To stay with SAP and if it is not too complex (in terms of prep work) you could also use LSMW.
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