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Product hierarchy functionality in Quantity Contracts

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Product hierarchy functionality in Quantity Contracts

Postby gurunath » Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:05 am

Hello Experts,

Is there a way to enable the product hierarchy functionality similar to value contract in Quantity Contract?

Requirement is: setup the contract at product hierarchy with a fixed quantity and customers will be able to place orders against the contract for any of the materials under that product hierarchy. Price is fixed as well at product hierarchy level.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Product hierarchy functionality in Quantity Contracts

Postby KrisSap1 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 5:01 am

Well, Product Hierarchy is automatic grouping of materials in a family tree. T.Code OVSV and you will primarily have the Material.
Std. SAP provides 3 levels for maintaining Product hierarchy although you can also extend upto 9 levels.
The definitive use of PH is for assigning pricing at each level.

-Product hierarchy structure(T.Code V/76)
-PRODH1-Main Group
-PRODH3-Sub Group

Assign the above PH structure in Material master in Basic data screen 1

For pricing : Now you need to make sure to have Product Hierarchy fields in the pricing field category.

For example: There are 3 levels in PH you have defined
Head component- 00001
Base Component-00002
Sub component-00000100

So the PH with max 18 chars will be 000010000200000100. Assign this number in the Material master for Finished whole component so that material classification can be determined.
The PH 000010000200000100 will be relevant for Pricing for each level. Use the condition technique lets say you want 5% discount for level 2 with 00002.

Try to read the SAP documentation and I hope you will be clarified with what I have explained above.

Thus the pricing catalogue with PH will behave normally in VA41 when you create any contract Value or Quantity.

Good luck :)


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