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Service sales order with service purchasing

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Service sales order with service purchasing

Postby EphraimGadsby » Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:54 am


Hope someone can point me in the right direction with this one.

We have a scenario where we sell a service package to a customer. This is a material, A, that is a copy of a DIEN and is not stocked. However, the service itself consists of 3 other service items B, C and D, (training, warranty and callout) which are supplied by 3 vendors, not by us. What I want to do is create the sales order for our customer and trigger 3 purchase requisitions/purchase orders for the 3 services from our vendors. Again, these would be service items, not stock and they would not be visible on the sales documentation to the customer as they are buying the overall package from us, not the three individual services.

Any ideas? I was looking at a variation of item category group BANC to trigger item category TAB and trigger the PO, but this PO would be for material A, not B, C and D. I could create a BOM for A that would trigger purchasing for B, C and D I suppose but this would still leave me with the PO for A that I do not require.

any advice appreciated


edit: I am going to have a play around with the possibility of using A as a phantom in a BOM with the other service items (B, C, D) as components, hopefully Purchase reqs will be triggered for those but no PO for material A.
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Re: Service sales order with service purchasing

Postby akrason » Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:47 am

As can see you have received no reply so far.
Thus I take a chance to give you one.
Why not to try free goods feature on SD sales order?
In this scenario you will sell A and the three other item lines C, D and E will be added automatically by the system on sales order as free goods bundled with A.
What I have never looked up specifically is the possibility of those additional item lines to be of "direct delivery" type in order to trigger the required PO orders.
However I am quite confident this will be the case as the material master sales view is the one which provides the necessary information to SD order.
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