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No SAP/AR - Dynamic check

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No SAP/AR - Dynamic check

Postby sfgirl2 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:38 am

We have turned off our AR recently and are using another system for AR. Because of this, our credit check is mainly a "manual" process.
We would like to still see what our open deliveries and open orders are within a one month horizon. This was our previous setting when we were utilizing the credit functionality in SAP before AR was offloaded.
1. I've looked at several postings on dynamic check and some same it includes "open AR items". Is this true? Or is the dynamic part only considering open deliveries and open orders within the specified horizon?
2. I think I can set the dynamic check without triggering credit? Set the One month horizon so that we can still review on our credit sheet - the Accounts open deliveries/orders out one month... but, not triggering any kind of dynamic credit check.

I am also in the process of testing these out... but, any additional input would be great.
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Re: No SAP/AR - Dynamic check

Postby Frank Lai » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:45 am


Interesting notion. Anyway, yes whether you are using static or dynamic credit checks, the defintion of credit exposure is open orders + open deliveries + open invoices + AR open items. Dynamic check simply ignores orders that are outside the horizon defined.

With AR being elsewhere, you basically have no AR open items at all. That kind of take care of the open item problem for you. On the other hand, if you have no AR, there maybe no transfer to account to speak of for the invoices. As such, all your invoices created will stay as open invoices. If anything this could be where you problems will come from.

One option I can suggest if what you are doing does not work is to write your own create check routine inside which you look up infostructure S066 and S067 where SAP keeps open orders and deliveries as well as invoices.

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