Sales Order - Turn On Requirements Transfer/ Turn Off Avail Check

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Sales Order - Turn On Requirements Transfer/ Turn Off Avail Check

Post by subodhd » Sat Jun 12, 2021 2:55 am

Hi Friends
We are on ECC6 and have a requirement to turn off the availability check when creating sales order for a particular product (so that the schedule line is always confirmed regardless of whether we have the stock or not, and so that we can create a delivery (even without batch).
I have nominated the checking group "KP" (no check) in the material master and the availability check being turned off, it is working as expected, ie it confirms the sales order schedule line with CP schedule line category (item cat TAN).

But the sales order created is not visible in MD04 (stock requirement list), somehow the system is not doing the transfer of requirement to MRP, it seems, even though the "transfer of requirements" flag is turned on at the schedule line category level in config. Also it is turned on at the requirement class level. The material has planning strategy 40 (make to stock) in MRP3 view in mat master. Requirement type picked up was KSV at the sales order item level which points to requirement class "050" (warehouse consumption). Not sure if we are using a correct planning strategy?

Any clues what can be missing here?


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