How to implement the vlookup functionality in WebI?

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How to implement the vlookup functionality in WebI?

Post by pravinoct13 » Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:49 am


My client have an existing Web Intelligence report, in order to modify it he had provided the excel sheet which includes the old columns along with new columns that needs to be added to the report. The new columns are based on other columns which are using vlookup functionality in excel.

There are Column1 and Column2 which I am able to calculate based on the existing columns on the report. But based on Column1 and Column2 values I want to fetch the Column3 value which I am not able to achieve it. I have created the lookup table in SQL database which includes the value of Column1, Column2 and Column3.

Shall appreciate if anyone help me to find solution for above.

Thanks in advance

Pravin P. Kumbhar

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