Multiple Materials and batches in EHS

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Multiple Materials and batches in EHS

Post by suresap » Mon May 11, 2015 6:39 pm

1. Architecturally, is it possible to transact (dispose) multiple materials and multiple batches of same material. The scenario being, the R & D lab keeps accumulating small quantities and they need to be disposed when reaching a threshold qty. for a material with different batches.
2. Multiple material processing is required is to avoid a separate approval for each material.
3. When a Release Order is created from Entry Document how is the vendor pickup. I understand that Contract has vendor. But how is the Disposer in Entry document is tied to Vendor.
4. Is Waste approval only for maintaining the Environment authority approval and for the company's internal approval, we use only PO?
5. When I try to create Disposal document from Entry document, the error says the status "***" doesn't allow posting. How does the System/ user status gets changed (I mean with what action). I get the same error when I hot any button like POST, POST CHANGE, TRANSFER LOCATION & CLEAR.
6. Material Type ABF is only configured for 501, 301, 311 and 302 in IM Integration in IMG. When the Inventory posting is done from Entry document, is it issued to Cost center, with what movement type. I don't see any issue movement type.
6a. When is the "Post Change" button is used (311).
6b. What movement type "Post" button will transact.

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