Regarding virtual environment for sap training??

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Regarding virtual environment for sap training??

Post by ashishazad » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:56 pm


I want to create virtual environment for sap training. I want to create a environment where students and trainer can access the server can share the screens and voice to each other. i am thinking of Amazon server where i can install sap training server and after that i am having lots of confusion on the communication part. Suppose i am having 6 students to train sap on various modules. How can I establish a communication mode where all the students and the trainer have the access of my server moreover, the trainer can teach students using that server and students can practice on the same server. I am thinking to use teamviewer or joinmein??

Please suggest me the best solution. i am also open to install the physical server but please guide me about all the software which i can use to accomplish my training.

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Re: Regarding virtual environment for sap training??

Post by Martin_US » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:12 am

I am not exactly sure what your setup from a training perspective is, but here are my thoughts

- You need one client that holds your training scenarios.
This is were the trainer can setup everything needed to hold the classes and ensures his training documents remain in takt. You don't want the trainer to always setup all the data again, after the students have messed around with them. Look at SAP IDES. They have the setup clients and training clients for the various classes. It would drive the trainer nuts to always reset everything and nothing is worse for a trainer than standing before the students and half of the stuff isn't working.

- You need a training client (at least one, depending on how many concurrent classes you have on the same topic)
Each time a new class is held, you make a client copy from the setup client with all the data. That way you have all the appropriate data, training scenarios and the trainer knows that his examples will work.

Size wise you look at a fairly small system. Thus you can 'just' go to any computer shop and get a half way decent PC.

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