Please support for couple questions...

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Please support for couple questions...

Post by EvhenB » Tue Oct 16, 2012 10:00 am

Good time team,
Young beginner need to pass one test and completely confused with couple questions..(((
Could you please be so kind and support?
here is 3 first:

1 - For the prospect to be qualified for the short project of an ASAP Focus implementations, it is essential that the prospect _______________ .

1 be in business for less than 2 years.
2 meets certain criteria (environment, size, attitude etc.), and accepts to have certain deliverables prepared in advance of the project team arriving on site (for example data extraction completed, hardware bought and installed etc.)
3 be located close to an SAP office.
4 has an IT crisis needing the replacement of the system within 15 weeks.

2 - Which of the following is important selling support material used during “Evaluation: Sell solution and services” work package?

1 Pre-determined business blueprint.
2 Customer presentation of the full solution and demonstration of how SAP solves the pain points on the industry using SAP Best Practices and an implementation approach (ASAP Focus) specifically designed for Solution Packages.
3 The presentation of the implementation approach and demonstration of how they can achieve rapid ROI and lower TCO.
4 Customer Specification Document (CSD) to document the delta requirements.

3 - The purpose of the Present Solution in Detail activity of the Delta Requirements Sessions work package is to provide the customer with a clear understanding of the predetermined solution, to demonstrate the value of our solution, and to show how it can get the customer started on the right foot”. Other goals are to:

1 Validate and map the customer organizational structure to our solution.
2 Try to highlight all functional business gaps to include them in the project scope.
3 Validate the criticality of the identified delta requirements and discuss if it would be preferable to handle them in a follow-up project instead.
4 Show all the possible options that our software can offer.

Please help colleagues, I'll so appreciate you.

Evhen Barzak
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Re: Please support for couple questions...

Post by Baz » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:11 pm

how about you say which answers you think are correct and why, and we can advise you?

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