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SAP MM syllabus

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SAP MM syllabus

Postby cwlaualex » Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:54 am

Dear All,

The official SAP academy syllabus of TSCM52 only describe its weighting with reference to some useless pointer like TSCM50 and TSCM52. However, how could I know which unit is included in each respective topic? ... -syllabus/

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Re: SAP MM syllabus

Postby sapfanmx666 » Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:57 am

Hello Alex,

There is no such a guide that will tell you what units may come,

I believe that the more you study them will help you pass it, if you have a lot of time then study hard, also the online material (SOLMA, ERP basics)

There are very narrowed questions like:

In Customizing for LIV, what can you define to manage unplanned delivery costs for invoice receipts?
Answer: unplanned deliv costs are to be posted to a separate G/L account
" " " are to be split accross the invoice items.

What is SAP ERP?
What is the Portal?
Function of the Service Desk. <... these are like gifts.

And some exercises (like 3 or 4)...

one that I remember is the Stocastically Blocking for Invoices, about %
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Re: SAP MM syllabus

Postby ghanem1245 » Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:33 pm

Hi Alex,

These useless pointers are the codes of SAP training courses. You can look them up at the SAP Education website. For example, TSCM50 is here: Then you can see that this course covers the following topics:

- Procurement of stock material, consumable material, and services
- Master data of materials management: material, vendor, purchasing info record, source list, quota arrangement
- Documents and functions of purchasing: Purchase requisition, request for quotation/quotation, purchase order, contract, scheduling agreement, source determination, and document release procedure
- Planning procurement proposals using consumption-based planning, especially the procedure of reorder point planning
- Details and customizing settings of logistics invoice verification
- Reports
- Automation options in the external procurement process

Hope this helps... By the way I am one of the contributors to which you referred to :)

Good luck,

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