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CHARM documents chain link

Post by rameijn » Wed Nov 25, 2015 9:15 am


We are using CHARM in the solution Manager 7.1. If we want to create a transport we have to create the following documents Project --> Request For change (RFC) --> Change document (CD)--> the transports.
We don’t create all the documents for one transport but for my question I describe the document relations.
Now I have a Change document for a normal change which has no link to the RFC but the document is still linked to a project. So far I know I’m not able to create a CD without a link/reference to a RFC. So I have ask Global support if this link is broken how I could repair this link. There answer is that the CD is created without reference to a RFC.

Is there a history table where I could see that this CD is linked to the RFC in the past and the chain is broken later?

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn

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