SRM7.0:Creating SHC ref from Old SHC -ASSET Acct Assignment

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SRM7.0:Creating SHC ref from Old SHC -ASSET Acct Assignment

Post by lagmanlc » Wed May 20, 2015 9:51 pm

Dear Experts,

we're facing a problem whenever a Shopping Cart is created reference to Old Shopping Cart
with Account Assignment 'ASSET'
We are using SRM 7.0 & ECC EHP6 Extended Classic Scenario

Asset Master are created in backend system (ECC) for the asset data
Investment/Internal Order are created in Backend syetm (ECC) for the budget amount
Investmest /Internal Order are assigned to an Asset Master

Asset Master - AS001
Internal Order - IO00A

Asset Master - AS002
Internal Order - IO00B

Shopping Cart 1 was created using Account Assignment 'ASSET ' , assigned Asset Code = AS001 with Internal Order IO00A
Shopping Cart 2 was created reference to Old Shopping Cart (Shopping Cart 1) and assign Asset Code AS002
but internal Order remains the same 'IO00A' instead of IO00B

in table BBP_PDACC, internal Order field doesn't gets updated if shopping is created with reference to Old Shopping cart
Standard program /FM is running to get the details from the backend system

is there any SAP notes or program that will update this field in SRM?

Your inputs is very much appreciated.

Best regards/lau

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