SAP SRM - Issues with IE11 / script error popups.

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SAP SRM - Issues with IE11 / script error popups.

Post by eProcBrett » Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:46 am


I work for a supplier who host Punchout catalogues globally. We have many customers, many who use SAP SRM.

We have (or the customer) has run in to some issues with our site now that they are using Internet Exploer 11 (They have no such issues with IE9 for example)

They are using SAP SRM - EHP7 from what i understand.

Issue - when accessing the catalogue via their SRM and IE11, they can reach the site, but then whenever they try to navigate the site they get repeated script error popups at every stage, as if it is rejecting each script on the page. This happens repeately in order to get of navigating the site.

"An error has occurred in the script on this page"
Errors like "Script error" or "The value of the property 'jQuery" is null or underfined, not a Function object"

If they access our site independant of SRM in IE11, again no issues.

So it leads me to suspect that there is some issue when using our site, IE11, and SRM in conjunction?

Does SAP SRM support IE11? or are any upgrades, patches needed? Or it could take some particular settings to be added in IE11 or SRM?

Any ideas?


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