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[HELP]:UDM_DISPUTE Notes functionality

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 10:17 am
by jeffbroodwar
Hi All,

Anyone worked on this requirement? Basically, just need to add Multiple notes update for selected cases:

- Notes button will be added for multiple case IDs (button or other way to trigger a dialog box where user can input text to be applied to selected case IDs)
- Once submitted, it will work the same as other multiple update functionality (i.e. like Change field content drop down ->category,contact pers,coordinator, etc.)
text submitted will be added to the selected cases.

I read somewhere the use of Badi UDM_LOC_MASSACT_C, has anyone tried this badi? will this satisfy the requirement?
Hope someone can provide the exact use of the methods: GET_ACTIVITIES and EXECUTE_ACTIVITY