SRM, Info record and Costs Calculation

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SRM, Info record and Costs Calculation

Post by Evelynfgomes » Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:15 pm


We're implementing the SRM in the Classic Scenario.
As the info record is a source of supply in ECC we need to delete it in the system, and to the new necessities we'll not create it any more.
But, when we said this to the CO analysts they said us that this is not possible because the info record is necessary in order to calculate the costs.

What is necessary to do in order to this works well?
Maintain the info record and "force" in the program which send the necessities to SOCO and when we create the PO or there is another way to configurate de variants in OKKN?

Evelyn Fernandes Gomes
Evelyn Fernandes Gomes

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