Upgrade MDM Catalog 2.0 to MDM Catalog 7.02

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Upgrade MDM Catalog 2.0 to MDM Catalog 7.02

Post by chutney374 » Wed Sep 11, 2013 7:33 am

Good Old SAP and their inability to put the necessary documetation in

A. One place
B. It an understandable format

Maybe you guys can help.

I'm plannign an upgrade from MDM catalog 2.0 to 7.02.

There is a guide for this which references another guide which references another guide...

My question is:

To upgrade from mdm catalog 2.0 to 7.02 we have to perform the following:
Unistall Old SRM MDM 2.0 SP4 catalog
Install new SRM MDM 7.02 Catalog
Upgrade existing repositories
Load Repositories with index updating
Upgrade SRM MDM catalog Search UI
Upgrade WEB UI
Upgrade Abap API
Perform all component specific activities

However when you look at the MDM catalog 7.02 installation guide it states that we have to look at the SRM 7.1 installation guide to acquire the instructions on installing the MDM Catalog 7.02 software.....

2.1.1 SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java (AS Java)
For information on basic system variants for an SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java system within an SAP SRM or an SAP ERP installation, see the respective installation guide:
SAP SRM Installation Guide: service.sap.com/instguidesSAP Business Suite ApplicationsSAP SRMSAP SRM Server 7.02

For once why can't SAP make things simple.

My question if anyone can answer is, has anyone done this and can they let me know what the hell I have to do before I crack up?


Paul M.

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