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The attributes of the user are inconsistent or not defined

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:18 pm
by romanista

Im quite new to SRM 7. I have an issue with vendors replicating to SRM EBP. We currently use BBPGETVD to replicate the vendors to a vendor group in SRM. However, this one particular vendor was successfully replicated to EBP but it is not assign to a vendor root. I tried but manually assign in PPOSV but not successfull since it gives error the vendor root code is not a vendor. Any suggestions is very appreciated.

In the RFX bidding, the vendor keeps getting error "The attributes of the user are inconsistent or not defined. See transaction PPOMA_BBP" but they can still proceed after closing the error window. After checking, I found out that this vendor is not assign to the vendor root.

Thanks in advance