Tax determination in SRM

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Tax determination in SRM

Post by SAPMMLover » Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:49 pm


I am currently on SAP SRM 7.01 (both extended classic scenario for sites on R/3 back-ends and standalone scenario for sites on non-SAP Back-ends) and need to set up taxes. I have a few SAP ERP backends that are being integrated with SRM, that covers many european countries as well as north america (United States and Mexico). I have Vertex connected to one of my ERP back-ends that is used for US tax calculation.

Therefore, I believe I need to use the option "Tax Calculation Occurs in the Back-end system" in order to determine tax for sites on R/3 back-ends. Which option do I use for sites using the standalone scenario (non SAP back-ends) - am i forced to use "customer specific implementation"?

For the sites on R/3 back-ends, what else do I need to configure? I assume I still need to determine the appropriate tax code in the SRM PO? Or is the tax code determined in the R/3 back-end system and passed back to SRM? I assume, I need to dermine the tax code in SRM and then back-end system uses the tax code in order to calculate tax and return the value back to SRM? If this is correct, I would need to define all tax codes in SRM, and define the default tax code by country/product category (or have the user manually enter the tax code)? Is this correct? This seems a lot of work as Tax code determination in the US is not very simple.

for the sites on non-SAP back-end systems, I assume i would need to implement the "customer specific tax option", define tax codes, define default tax codes by country/product category, and also define the tax rates in SRM?

Thoughts? Any advice?

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