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Changes to Org Structure

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Changes to Org Structure

Postby PERTABACUS » Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:57 am


we're using EBP 3.5 and are undergoing a large scale resturucture. I've had to move several purchasing groups on the org structure (PPOMA_BBP) from one Purchasing Organisation to another.

We've hit a problem where users who are in the groups that moved can no longer edit their Purchase Orders in the Process Purchase Orders transaction as the order retains the old Purchasing Org & holds the error message that the users Purchasing Group isn't linked to that Org.

Has anyone else encountered this or have any suggestions?

I have tried putting the groups back into the old Purchasing Org & creating new groups to assign the users to. This has got rid of this problem but all of our workflows for blocked invoices are based on Purchasing Group which means that when any invoice against a PO raised before the restructure is entered teh workflow tries to send it to an Approver based on the Purchasing Group where the order was raised. As all staff have now moved from the old groups all blocked invoices are coming to our systems administrator to forward on to the relevant approver.

Any help would be welcomed


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