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Wrong confirmation status

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Wrong confirmation status

Postby doremon » Thu May 29, 2008 2:18 am

Hi! Our users have been getting error 'Document isin transfer for purchase order. Creation not possible' (or 'Backend data could not be read/purchase order already completely settled') whenever they tried to approve or change an existing confirmation. The confirmation has a status of 'Error in process'. I checked and found an entry in the BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB table for the same PO line but for a confirmation number that does not exist. I then deleted this entry from the table. After that, I was able to update the confirmation and the confirmation was saved, approved and GR was created in the backend system. The only problem now is the confirmation is still sitting with 'Error in process' status and obviously all buttons to change, delete or initiate return delivery of the confirmation are disabled. I couldn't find anything from the OSS notes that can help. Does anyone know how we can reset the status to the correct one?

Also, what could be the reasons that causes the lock of the confirmation (i.e. entry in BBP_DOCUMENT_TAB)?

Appreciate any help on the above.

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