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Shopping carts

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Shopping carts

Postby guest_srm » Thu Feb 23, 2006 7:03 am

Hi all ,
I want to disable the approval cycle after creation of a shopping.
I want to convert it to a PO directly after i create shopping cart. for the time being i want to skip the appproval cycle
is if possible , if so how is i acheived.
I am working SRM 4.0

Disable Workflow

Postby KEN30 » Wed Apr 05, 2006 7:22 am


Type SPRO into the Transaction Box in the top Left... then follow the steps below:

Go into Supplier Releationship Management > SRM Server > Cross Application Basic Settings > SAP Business Workflow

Go onto > Define conditions for Starting Workflow

Business Objects [click] on the binoculars and search for BUS2121 (EC Requirement Coverage Requests)

You should now see 6 Start Conditions? Ensure they are all RED (Radio Button) bar Condition Workflow WS10000060 is this is RED, [click] change and double click the radio button and ACTIVATE it (should turn Green).

You need to maintain the Condition, so copy all the entrys and save to a word file!!! (ensure you do this!) Then double click in the white BOX...DELETE all entries!!!

Now you can maintain it.... enter the following...


Greater Then Symbol (should default)
Less Than (again should default)

Express . 2
500 (or enter a larger limit to skip approval 999999999999 etc..)

OK thats you, you must ensure have complete the other steps in SAP business workflow as well, such as Maintain Standard settings Set Active Plan etc... If you have not done this log onto the SAP Service Market place and download the EBP Cookbook, which details the setting to be configured before you do the step above!.

Note: Workflow in SRM is tricky at best and is often delivered by a specialist in this area of EBP.

Good luck!

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