0049 - Downtime

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0049 - Downtime

Post by Rich » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:53 am

Down Time.

For the times in your working day (or night....) when you just can't get anything done and you need a break.....

The games listed below have been tried out but by downloading and installing them, you do so at your own risk.

So here we go:
  • Battleships. A two player game based upon the strategy game of detecting the opposing players battleships and then destroying them.
  • Bomber. This is a version of the game known as MineSweeper which is bundled with nearly every Windows version shipped.
  • JawBreaker!!Users of PDA's running Windows will be familiar with this game. Basically the idea is to accumulate points by clearing matching coloured squares from the playing area, with fresh squares being added to play when you clear the far left column. Addictive.....
  • Mastermind. The computer chooses 5 numbers between one and seven and arranges them randomly in a line. You must guess the numbers and their positions to win.
  • Solitaire. A character based version of the card game Solitaire.
  • Tetris. There are two versions of this game where you have to fit together falling interlocking shapes to make a complete line to score. This version is the earlier version. This is a word document with an improved version.
Thanks goes to Gregory Guilbaud (greg.guilbaud@bigfoot.com) for Battleships and Bomber, Enno Wulf for Jawbreaker, Sergey Shumakov (sshum@mail.ru) for Tetris, and Neil Overton for the modified version.

Mastermind was written by David Bann.

These peoples permission has been sought and given for the use of these programs in this thread.

Thanks to Imre Kabai for the version of Solitaire posted above.


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