0033 - Saving an Itab in Excel Format From The Debugger

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0033 - Saving an Itab in Excel Format From The Debugger

Post by Rich » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:42 am

Saving an internal table in Microsoft Excel format.

While you are debugging your program, you can save the content of an internal table.
  • Display the content of the internal table in the debugger.
    Then press ctrl-F11 or right-mouse and click "Save As Excel Worksheet".
    Enter the From-index and To-index for the lines you want to save.
    Choose folder/filename and save.
(Courtesy Dany Charbonneau)

This is available from 4.7 onwards, however, for those of you that are not yet on 4.7:

In 4.6, once you have displayed the content of internal table:
Goto->Display data object->Structure editor

If not all rows are displayed.
Object-Display full list.

System->list->save -> Local file

(Courtesy unknown guest)


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