0028 - List of internal tables while debugging.

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0028 - List of internal tables while debugging.

Post by Rich » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:39 am

List of internal tables while debugging.

There can be times when you need a list of active internal tables while you are debugging ABAP code.

The first method, lets you see which table required a lot of memory While on debug mode follow the menu path GOTO->Display condition->memory use
Select tabstrip: Memory use - ranked list You will see all variables used in the program sorted by size

The second method provides a very detailed list.

While in debug mode, choose GOTO->System Areas->internal information

A list appears on the debug screen

By default the area editbox contains a ?

Now enter DSEG in that field.

Press Return.

You will get a list of all the tables active in that program along with some other attributes. The type and size of the records determine if they are internal tables and how many records there are.
You can play around and try the other area than DSEG, some are interesting.

(Courtesy Dany Charbonneau)


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