0023 - Where Did The Field Exits Go ?

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0023 - Where Did The Field Exits Go ?

Post by Rich » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:36 am

Where Did The Field Exits Go ?

Into hiding apparently....

Where did the Field Exits Go ?

In versions 3.x there was the ability to create a field exit for a field on a screen. Basically this allowed access to field values when focus on the field changed.

In 4.6 they dissappeared.

Or did they ??

Boss says that if you start transaction CMOD and enter the ok code 'PRFB' in the command line, lo and behold they come back..... Ideal if you have to modify field exits for programs created in 3.x versions.


In 4.6c and above there is a program RSMODPRF which allows you to define field exits for data elements.

In this program you enter the data element you wish to define a field exit for and the version of the field exit. The program then allows you to build a function module along strict guidelines which is then activated and is used to process your field exit.

(courtesy of Rex).


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