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Job Opening in SAP Labs Bangalore.

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Job Opening in SAP Labs Bangalore.

Postby ckalra » Mon Jun 16, 2014 4:51 am

There are openings in SAP Labs for the below mentioned positions ( Exp Required : minimum 3+ years and per the job profile)
Profile Title Ref Code
1. Architect Insurance IN-58689127-EN-14
2. Architect CRM IN-58683146-EN-14
3. QM Expert IN-58816302-EN-14
4. Development Architect-Logistics- Custom Development IN-58951855-EN-14
5. Development Architect IN-58969337-EN-14
6. Install-Developer/ Sr. Install developer-PI BIT BI IN-58724248-EN-14
7. Associate Developer Architect- SAP Sourcing Development IN-58901812-EN-14
8. Development Manager IN-58744839-EN-14
9. SAKP Packaging-RDS Framework Development Architect IN-58467410-EN-14
10. SAKP Packaging- RDS Framework User Exp. Design Specialist IN-58724493-EN-14
11. Banking Consultant IN-58634974-EN-14
12. Insurance Consultant IN-58640525-EN-14
13. Sr. Consultant - Hybris IN-58939644-EN-14
14. Architect Mobile Web&Fiori Arch. IN-58667829-EN-14

People interested have to share their name and email address with me and then I can refer them in SAP portal after which they can apply for the job and upload their resume.
Email ID: {scrubbed}
Once referred you can use the same details for search and apply for other jobs in SAP.
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Re: Job Opening in SAP Labs Bangalore.

Postby Gothmog » Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:28 am

And why, exactly, wuold people send their details to an unknown gmail address instead of, I don't know, directly applying on ? :roll:
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