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SAP PI Consultant / Architect - Permanent UK

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SAP PI Consultant / Architect - Permanent UK

Postby Baz » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:05 am

Job Description:
Responsibilities will include:
- helping to deliver SAP Integration solutions with our clients that are in line with our overall NetWeaver strategy in the UK
- ensuring quality delivery of our NetWeaver solutions
- helping to influence (with the rest of the NetWeaver team in the UK) key reference projects - ability to work well with our offshore capability

Specifically the roles will be project driven where the applicant will be responsible for the design, build and testing of SAP related integration solutions together with their integration into that project’s functional design.

Person Profile (essential/desirable qualifications, experience, knowledge):
Proficient SAP PI skills are essential. The ideal candidate would have been through the whole implementation lifecycle from initial design through to productive running on multiple projects.
- Experience of designing and implementing SAP PI 7.1 / 7.3 solutions, ABAP Proxies, File and JDBC adapter, XSLT mapping, EJB development, graphical mapping, ABAP Object Oriented Programming.
- Experience of ALE, BAPI, RFC integration techniques.
- Ability to take responsibility for the design activities on projects, , the production of design specifications and the review of design specifications produced by others
- Strong customer focus with good client facing consulting capability as roles are working collaboratively with our clients, and on behalf of our clients with their suppliers
- Perform testing of system changes and to assist in user testing of changes
- Assess the impact of SAP patch updates and to assist in implementation of patch releases
- Participate in knowledge sharing with colleagues in SAP technical and related client business matters
- Playing an active part in Process Improvement, Ensuring compliance with all relevant quality processes and procedures, including completion of all the specified quality records
- Highly mobile; 100% mobility required

Other desirable attributes:
- SAP Application knowledge
- Understanding of NetWeaver BPM, BPM, Gateway.
- An understanding of delivery methodologies would be helpful.
- Team Player
- Problem solving, analysis, design, good communication and consulting skills

Salary based upon skills and experience

Please PM me for details on how to apply!

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