Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by zz » Sun Jan 26, 2003 11:43 am

Hi SAPFans,

Before posting, please follow the following rules:

1) Suggestions:

- Please FIRST use the search functionality of this forum
- Post OS, DB, release, and version if possible.
- Make your subject relevant.
- Mark your posting as revolved once it is.
- Due to the difficulty of reading, caps shouldn't be used if at all possible.
- Don't talk webese, we aren't all proficient. U2 should be "you too".

2) The following are not allowed and will be deleted. No notice will be given:

- Urgent on Topic - if it is urgent contact SAP
- Personal attacks or any type of discrimination (race, color, religion, etc)
- Illegal material (copy of documents requests, etc)
- Non-Forum specific questions
- Advertising and Job Offers

3) Remember that not everybody is an English native speaker, so please avoid to use typical abbreviations and make understandable sentences.

4) Private messages (PM) abuses will not be tolerated.

Those are quite simple rules to stick to.

Have a good time!

Credits: Thanks to Oldsapguru, CHC and Snowy from which some of these rules were copied from.