Tool for Mass manual postings in SEM?

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Tool for Mass manual postings in SEM?

Post by Lestifler » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:36 am


I'm new in the forum.

I have a question.
Is there a tool or a standard fuction which allows to create massive manual postings (manual adjustments) through UCMON?
If not present, how could I implement a custom solution?


Best Regards
Stefano M.

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Re: ZGEN - Generic BDC to upload any data into SAP

Post by MURTHYVSR » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:36 pm

Hi Friends

I have designed an LSMW equivalent tool in ABAP(Generic BDC program to upload any data into SAP) . With this Tool you can start uploading data into SAP within 10 to 15 minutes in any system including production . All that is required is that this program should be transported to the required system just once .

No additional abap programming or Transports are required every time you need a new BDC .

The Transaction code I gave it is ZGEN .

Activities to be performed :
1) create your recording of the required Transaction and clean it (remove unwanted lines like subscreens , fields which you did not enter etc... which is a normal thing all of us do ) . Save the recording into a textfile by clicking on export button The file name you give is say : D:\FILE1.TXT
Time required : 5 minutes to 10 mins depending on your speed .

2) use my tool ZGEN , input the recording file name D:\FILE1.TXT , enter a Template file name say : D\FILE2.TXT and execute . It creates a template file for you as D:\FILE2,TXT: Time required : 1second

3) Open the template file in Excel and fill up your data records that need to be uploaded . Save it as a text file say : D:\FILE3.TXT
(The first data record will be the data record you created when recording . So , that record can help you in filling other records. You can delete it if you don’t want to reenter same data )

4) Upload the data file thro my tool ZGEN by entering the FILENAME D:\FILE3.TXT

The BDC will start immediately like any other BDC programs . It gives an outpuit also as to how many records have been processed/ successful/failed and which number .record .

You can keep the template for future use and reuse it whenever you like . Also if you are an expert , then by adding / removing fields from the template carefully you could meet your changed requirements also quickly . (Mind you , you have to be an expert . Otherwise go for a new cycle as explained above)

(Radio buttons control which operation you want to do like Downloading Template or Uploading Data )

If interested please contact me on [email protected] . I can send the program details

Cheers !!


OTC Consultant

DSM Project(Sittard , Netherlands)


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