Change of consolidation methode BCS

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Change of consolidation methode BCS

Post by xmchx » Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:05 am

Dear all,
we have already run our COI in DEV-System. Now, I have to change the consolidation methode for one company, but if I run the COI again, I still have the old method.

TA: Accounting Techniques>Company

Parent overall: DE00 Methode: 6100
Parent Brasil: BR00 Methode changed from 6100 to 6200
Company of BR BR10: Methode: 6100

Now, if I execute COI for Parent BR00 I expect to have the configuration of methode 6200, but I still have the configuation of 6100 (it's also written in the log).

Is there another step necessary, so that I can reverse my previous COI-run (6100) and run it again with setting of 6200?


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