Writeup on investments > Account for Amortization current ye

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Writeup on investments > Account for Amortization current ye

Post by xmchx » Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:55 pm

Dear all,

in task COI we have to maintain the accounts for writeup of investments. There is only the posibility to maintain one unique item for writeups and one uniqu item for Amortization.
At the moment we have maintained account 44001900 (PL-account: Write-down on Investments) in the field Amortization. This makes sense, if we would like to eliminate depreciations which we have posted in the current year with Transaction type 220 (depreciation current year). But if we have depreciations of the previous years (Transaction type 200) the elimination should not be posted to the PL account - the posting should be posted on a balance item (for example Reserve).

At the moment there is no possibility to maintain different accounts based on the transaction type of the reported data.

The second issue is, that we have set the trading partner and investee as obligatory for account 44001900 (Write-down on Investments), but the transaction does not transfer the matching Tradingpartner/Investee to the item (so we receive an error). From our point of view the trading partner has to be found by the transaction, because the investment is maintained with the trading partner information.

How have you solved this issue?


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