Parellel currencies for SEM BCS consolidation

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Parellel currencies for SEM BCS consolidation

Post by oum29 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:13 am

Dear all,

we are using SEM BCS 4.0 currently and would like to consolidate two group currencies.
at the moment, we are using USD as our Group currencies that translate from many local currencies.
however, now with IFRS, we have to report in EUR as our group currencies as well.

we used copy task to copy into a different version with currency translation method embedded, so it translate USD to EUR automaticall.
however, we can only copy for RFD, manual posting only for posting level 01,10. and our users refused to perform the COI tasks again in EUR currency ...

Did we do something wrong?? can we translate everything in USD group currencies into EUR with the correct exchange rate only using COPY task??
any suggestion from experts???


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