Currency Conversion EUR:EUR

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Currency Conversion EUR:EUR

Post by xmchx » Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:52 am

Dear all,

we have several companies set up in BCS. Our group currency is EUR. Most of our companies are non EUR companies. In the data collection we collect from our companies the Transaction Currency Value and the Local currency value. We do not request the Group currency, because the calculation from the local currency to the group currency is done automatically by the currency conversion of BCS. The problem is, that we also do not collect for the EUR-companies the GC. If we now try to start the currency conversion in BCS for the EUR-comanies we see the status "not applicable" - the reason could be, that BCS is not set up to convert EUR LC-Values to EUR-GC Values. We already maintained a currency relation 1:1 from EUR to EUR, but still the conversion from EUR to EUR can not be executed. The conversion EUR to EUR is necessary, because otherwise the GC-values are empty (zero) for the EUR-comanies and we do not receive the correct results in the subsequent consolitation steps. Is there a possibility to convert LC EUR to GC EUR or is the only possibility to upload already the EUR values as GC for EUR-companies?
Thanks for your feedback!

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