Balance carryforward of Equity AFD

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Balance carryforward of Equity AFD

Post by rajeshreddy70 » Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:26 pm

I am having an issue with balance carryforward of equity additional financial data in BCS 6.0. I have declared the location to be both reported and additional financial data(AFD) - reported data for opening balance of retained earnings and for all other equity accounts AFD.

To make sure the balances I have in Totals is the same as in AFD, I have verified by running currency translation and there are no warnings, the GC value specified in the AFD is used to translate the equity balance at historical value.

When I run balance carryforward, the Investment data that is also stored in AFD is carried forward correctly. However, the equity is not, there are no messages and the log shows zero Equity records carried forward.

Is there something obvious I am missing here? If someone has encountered a similar issue, please help.

Thanks, Raj

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Re: Balance carryforward of Equity AFD

Post by dans » Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:11 pm

To make sure that the balances of reported data and AFD are the same, the validations task should include the check for investments and equity and then the execution of this task will raise any differences. Currency translation is not a check for this.

Have you check the balances for totals and AFD for period 000? That is the balance carryforward period.

Could it be that the equity accounts are incorrectly assigned item type other than balance sheet?

Have you executed the COI check settings to determine if there are any inconsistencies in teh COI configuration and/or master data?

These are some areas to check for this type of situation.

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